Kitty Litter Louvers is a unique and easily adaptable litter box door for most any covered litter box.


Kitty Litter Louvers is a lightweight, easy to use LITTER BOX DOOR SYSTEM that helps with the maintenance of your cat's litter box. It's so simple and easy to use to help with your litter box problems. Don't go out and spend a lot of money for a new litter box with a door, just attach the affordable Kitty Litter Louvers to your existing covered litter box. Kitty Litter Louvers addresses most litter box problems. It also aids in the maintenance of your litter box with its visual reminder from the indicator action of the louvers when they are hanging outside the box. It can control the litter spillage and also helps stop any random urine sprays that may find its way through the door opening. Cat friendly and adjustable, your Kitty Litter Louvers is also removable for cleaning. 

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Prevents litter spillage

Minimizes odor

Soiled litter indicator


Kitty friendly

Indicator for soiled litter

Tail friendly

Removable for easy cleaning

Allows light to enter

Solves kitty apprehension

Visual reminder


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Kitty Litter Louvers

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